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Hiking Mount Nuolja

Tori at the summit. Photo by Lily Zhao.

Hello, Tori here! Because today was a day off for most of us, we took the opportunity to climb Mt. Nuolja, a nice hike with the trailhead located about 20 minutes from the research station.   We had been talking about hiking this mountain since our first day here, so it was a great way to spend our final day off.  The hike up was fairly gentle for the most part, but there were a few extremely steep inclines.

Lapporten from the hike down. Photo by Tori Ward

As someone who hates heights, I was tempted to turn around, but everyone made it to the ski lift landing.  At that point, there is also a cute café, where we stopped for hot cocoa and tea as it was fairly chilly at that elevation.  Once there, we split into smaller groups.  Dan began his hike back down the mountain; Becca, MP, and Sophie took the ski lift down; and Lily and I began a hike to the summit of the mountain before beginning our descent.

The view from the ski lift is gorgeous according to those who took it.

Heart Shaped Island in Lake Tornetrask.

Lily and I were extremely glad that we decided to climb to the very top as the view was amazing.  I had never hiked a mountain before, so I wanted to give 100% to my first effort.  We took our time exploring the view and were fascinated by the fact that we could see the entirety of Lake Tornetrask from that elevation.  On the way back to the station, we took a different path, which followed a water fall.  I liked this path better as it lacked the excessively steep portions of the other path, and the waterfall was beautiful.  We got lost for a short while but eventually found our way back to the path, which was fortunate as we later heard that our fallback plan of following next to the waterfall was quite treacherous. All in all, we had a fabulous day hiking and would recommend this hike to anyone visiting Abisko!



One comment on “Hiking Mount Nuolja

  1. Hi Tori, greetings from Singapore.

    I’m planning to visit Abisko to catch the Northern Lights from 6-8 Oct 12. I heard that the Sky Station would be closed during Oct, hence i’m thinking to hike up to Mt Nuolja, provided if its possible to do so during this time. May i know how long you took to hike up leisurely? (i’m with my lady friend, we’re aged 28-30yrs) Just want to see if there’s enough daylight to do the ascent & descent.

    Btw, if you have any idea how i can confirm whether the Sky Station is open or not during Oct, do let me know please!

    Many thanks for your advice:)


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