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And we’re back!!

Hey Hey,

Missing those snow-capped mountains! Photo by B. Jacobson

Just a quick update to let you know what we are up to! After a long travel day Saturday and Sunday we arrived back in good old lively Durham, MA and jumped into laboratory work and analysis time! It was sad to leave Abisko and take down our flagging tape and pack everything up, but as one of us in the group likes to say “It’s never ‘goodbye’ it’s ‘see you later’!

To finish up the program we are creating posters to present next week at UNH, submitting abstracts to the American Geophysical Union to see if we could present our posters in their fall meeting. It is hard work and sometimes stressful but we are all making the most of our opportunities here to gain more laboratory and data analysis experience so there is something new to learn each day.

The summer days here are still unpredictable as always with hot humid days and rainstorms alternating. In this heat we often find ourselves pining for Sweden’s clean dry air and crisp temperatures. I for one, even miss the cold mornings.

Soil samples.

Anyway, all of us are pretty wrapped up in our projects, but hopefully we will be able to show off some more of them on this blog in the remaining week.

Cheers!     <—-learned this phrase at the London airport.



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