And we’re back!!

Hey Hey, Just a quick update to let you know what we are up to! After a long travel day Saturday and Sunday we arrived back in good old lively Durham, MA and jumped into laboratory work and analysis time! It was sad to leave Abisko and take down our flagging tape and pack everything […]

Vegetation Diversity in Stordalen Mire

    Hi everyone, my name is Maria Paula and I am studying vegetation in Stordalen Mire in Abisko, which has been the site for a lot of research over the years. I am very interested in botany, plants and ecosystem structural dynamics (some people may go further and replace “interested in” with words like “obsessed […]

Hiking Mount Nuolja

Hello, Tori here! Because today was a day off for most of us, we took the opportunity to climb Mt. Nuolja, a nice hike with the trailhead located about 20 minutes from the research station.   We had been talking about hiking this mountain since our first day here, so it was a great way to […]

Hydrogen Cycling on the Mire

 Hi everyone!  This is Tori reporting on my project so far. My project is focused on quantifying the cycling of molecular hydrogen up here in the subarctic.  I am so excited to finally be collecting data.  As a UNH student I had to submit a proposal back in January to apply for this program, so […]

Listen carefully for the bubble!

Hey Hey Everyone! I’ve been given this opportunity to tell you a little bit more about my project. I spent the first month of this program building my sensors in Dr. Ruth Varner’s lab at the University of New Hampshire. I really like building things so I was happy to rise to the challenge of […]

Hungry Hungry Heath Plants

        Hey, Dan Ackerman here! I arrived in Sweden at the beginning of July prepared to study nutrient cycling in the fungal community. The plan was to collect samples of ectomyccorhizal mushrooms that form symbiotic relationships with plant roots, helping them access various goodies from the soil, such as phosphorus and certain […]

First Week in Sweden!!

Hello! This is Maria Paula, delivering the first blog post of the University of New Hampshire Sweden NERU program. Welcome! So the group of students and mentors traveled all through Monday and most of Tuesday to get to Abisko, Sweden and although we were very tired we stopped for some group photos along the road, […]